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Commissioned by Nathan Mertens, Gilly Blair, and the members of the consortium. Premiered at the 2018 World Saxophone Congress in Zagreb, Croatia

  • more details and recording coming soon!

  • available for purchase Spring 2019

Sonata-Fantasie  for Violin and Piano,  2017

  • Florida State Music Teachers Association 2017 Commissioned Work

  • >19 minutes

  • Premiered by composer and his wife, Yaesolji Shin.

Take Flight 787,  2016

For Brass Ensemble

  • >2 minutes

  • Premiered by Jerry Junkin and UT Wind Ensemble Brass at College Band Director National Association National Conference, Kansas City, MO

(only MIDI realization is currently available)

Concerto for Alto Saxophone and Small Chamber Orchestra,  2015

  • Wind Quintet, Percussion Quartet, String Sextet

  • c.a. 30 minutes

  • Premiered by Sean Meyers and "Symphony Number One," Jordan Smith conductor

  • Movements may be programmed separately as stand-alones

  • Recording is Movement II only.


Divertimento for and Piano and Saxophone Quartet,  2015

  • Written for and Dedicated to Nathan Mertens and the Resurgence Quartet

  • c.a. 14 minutes

  • Arrangement for String Quartet and Piano is available

Exaltation,  2013

A Sonata for Violin and Piano

  • c.a. 18 minutes

  • Written for and dedicated to Yaesolji Shin

NorFolk Suite,  2013

  • Written for the Norfolk Music Festival chamber players

  • c.a. 10 minutes

  • Reorchestrated for Chamber Orchestra

Trio No.1,  2012

for Piano, Violin, and Cello

  • <16 minutes

Movement,  2012

for String Quartet

  • c.a. 5 minutes

Allegro Efferato,  2011

for Piano and String Quartet

  • >8 minutes

  • Winner of Otto Orttman Composition Contest